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NEW Comprehensive Driving Evaluation Coverage Helps Drivers

To help drivers get the answers they need to regain their confidence and to safely continue driving after an accident, The Hartford has introduced a new and unique product innovation in the AARP Auto Insurance Program, called Comprehensive Driving Evaluation (CDE).*

This free, value-added coverage endorsement will be included in AARP Through Agent auto policies in 40 states initially, effective October 6, 2012, and later. Customers whose policies went into effect before October 6 will receive the coverage, but will see the CDE endorsement in their next renewal. This new service will be offered to both new and existing AARP Auto policyholders exclusively, as part of the Claim process. The CDE offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved customer driving confidence and loyalty
  • Strengthened The Hartford/AARP Auto Insurance program brand as leader in the 50+ market
  • Increased differentiation of AARP Authorized agents

What about The Hartford's CDE coverage?

  • Policyholders' completion of a CDE is completely voluntary. Evaluations are not shared with The Hartford and no policy action will be taken due to results.
  • The Hartford will reimburse insured for the cost of a Comprehensive Driving Evaluation after an accident with injury up to a maximum of $500.
  • A CDE is an assessment ordered by a physician and conducted by an Occupational Therapist (OT) who is uniquely trained to recognize changes associated with medical conditions and injuries and how they affect one's driving abilities. Evaluations generally take 2-3 hours and include a physical, visual, cognitive and behind-the-wheel assessment. Based on results, the OT provides individualized advice to increase a person's safety and confidence upon returning to driving after a crash.

The idea for this product enhancement came from The Hartford Advance 50 Team of gerontologists after they partnered with MIT AgeLab and the American Occupational Therapy Association to conduct research on the benefits of comprehensive driving evaluations and role they play in helping older drivers achieve a lifetime of safe driving.

All agents can order free copies on iMarket of a general consumer guidebook based on The Hartford's research, Your Road Ahead: A Guide to Comprehensive Driving Evaluations, to help older adults, their family and friends learn about comprehensive driving evaluations and benefits they may provide.

*The CDE coverage is not applicable in CA, FL, HI, LA, MD, MT, NH, NY, NC, TX (SCM writing company only) and VA.


October, 2012
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NEW Comprehensive Driving Evaluation Coverage Helps Drivers
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